Why Filipino Food is a Top Food Trend

kare-kare-2097983_640According to Bloomberg food editor Kate Krader, “2017 seems poised to be the year you can bet on Filipino food. Google searches for “filipino food” have doubled since 2012, while queries for “lumpia near me” (referring to the crunchy Filipino-style spring rolls) have skyrocketed 3,350 percent. The time for Filipino food to take center stage is finally here, all my food trend instincts tell me.”

We couldn’t agree more. Food lovers worldwide are discovering and savoring Filipino cuisine.  They enjoy, appreciate and value traditional Filipino food. We share the passion millions around the globe have for one of the world’s finest cuisines…and we share our love, lore, resources and recipes here.

To gain more insight into this topic, read Kate Krader’s full article: Filipino Food Is the Next Big Thing—Again.

Pictured above: Kare-kare, a popular dish complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce.