Filipino Food Trucks Around the U.S.

Cebu. Philippines - 19 oct. 2016: Man is sleeping inWe’re collecting a list of Filipino food trucks around the U.S. Got a favorite? Please send us the info with any pictures so we can spread the word!


The Filipino Food Truck   Established in 2012, chef John Lane’s food truck specializes in Filipino tacos with such filling options as sweet and sour slaw and Asian-seasoned chicken breast.  For dessert they sell an indulgent fried banana in traditional lumpia.  They serve Atlanta and its metropolitan area.

San Francisco 

Senor Sig Food Truck  Established by long-time friends Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo, Señor Sisig food truck melds Philippine and Latin American cuisines into a popular synthesis.  Voted best food truck for 4 years by San Francisco Weekly and featured on Food Network and Cooking Channel, their signature ingredient is the traditional pork dish sisig. Rich flavors permeate their tacos, nachos, and burritos.  They have served San Francisco and the Bay area since 2011.


Big Boys Kainan and Food Truck   Nate and Mel Daep started off as a modest breakfast and lunch truck specializing in the Filipino bread, pandesol.  By 2014 they expanded their offering to a full range of Filipino dishes.  Their food truck sells traditional entrees ranging from Calamansi Ginger Chicken and Lechon to burgers Filipino style, as well as a luscious waffle dessert and more.  They serve the Seattle metropolitan area.

Photo: Sleeping man in a truck in Cebu, the Philippines.

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