Pinoy Cuisine Premieres on the Silver Screen with Film Documentary “Ulam”

Pansit Bithon in a BowlAt this year’s Los Angeles Food Bowl, Filipino food received its very own film premiere with the viewing of “Ulam,” a documentary about the Filipino food movement in the U.S. It focuses on Pinoy cuisine, a broad category of dishes both indigenous to the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora in America.  The filmmakers call their documentary an “appetizer” since its showcase of Pinoy food in Los Angeles and New York is only one sliver of a vast U.S. cult possessing both an adventurous experimental spirit and respect of culinary roots.

The filmmakers of “Ulam” hope to highlight the Pinoy food scene in other parts of the U.S. in more documentaries.  With “Ulam” already receiving raves from Los Angeles food critic Jonathan Gold and the rapid growth of the Pinoy food world, the fulfillment of film maker’s grand plans are looking more and more promising these days.

Check out the entire video report from Baitling America here:  Ulam movie shows off Pinoy cuisine at LA Food Bowl.

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