Maynila: Making Philippine Cuisine Mainstream in the U.K.

Philippine FoodMaynila is a Filipino food website seeking to inform and share a love of Filipino food with Brits and the world.

Foodies and college friends Charl Asuit and Roni Bandong created the site when they found a surprising paucity of Filipino food options during their many forays into Britain’s multicultural food scene. To rectify the situation, Charl and Roni created Maynila to serve as a “gateway to the culinary world of the Philippines” so site visitors could “discover, learn and experience everything there is about Filipino food.”  Their mission:  “to put the Philippine cuisine mainstream and on the general consciousness of the British public.”

With a blog; an events page promoting Filipino food tastings in Britain; and recipes for newcomers to try their hand at Filipino favorites, Maynila is worth a visit for both British and world citizens.

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