How Filipino Chefs are Revolutionizing America’s Restaurants

Food, fish, seafood, fried fish, flavor, flavorings, eat, cuisine, Asia, philippines, southeast asia, Filipino favorite, health, healthy, diet, dieting, seafood cuisine, specialty, crunch, background, restaurant, meal, eating, satisfy, greens, sauce, flavAt Tasting Table, food writer Devra Ferst recently featured Filipino food, our favorite topic. Her article, “Treasure Islands: A new generation of Filipino chefs is teaching diners to think outside the box,” provides a bird’s eye view of innovation in the U.S. Here are notable excerpts:

“Diners are becoming more familiar with the complex flavors of the Philippines, a nation of more than 7,100 islands with historical influences from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Spain and the United States. They’re craving lumpia (spring rolls), kinilaw (ceviche) and sisig (a sizzling platter of chopped pork amped up with acid and heat) from restaurants like Bad Saint in Washington, D.C., LASA and RiceBar in Los Angeles…”

According to Devra, a generation ago opening a Filipino restaurant here was a risk. Now, “as the Filipino restaurant movement comes of age, these chefs and restaurant owners face certain challenges. For one, how do they make the cuisine accessible while preserving tradition?”

She cites the advocacy “of Natalia Roxas-Alvarez of Filipino Kitchen, a website and organization that promotes Filipino cuisine through recipes and events,” and highlights outstanding chefs from coast to coast.

Read her complete article here.

Pictured: Lumpia

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