Philippines: Comfort Food & Memories

Map of Philippines
Map of Philippines through magnifying glass

NPR is airing a video series called #NPRHotPot, featuring foods from around the world and the memories people associate with them. Recently the program interviewed Wilma Consul, a Philippines native, journalist and personal chef, about her childhood memories. A highlight is learning about her favorite comfort food…and watching her make it.

Reports NPR, “Every morning, Consul went to the market to buy the ground meat, tomatoes and other ingredients for a dish called Ginisang Giniling (the Filipino name for picadillo, a Spanish dish that migrated to many former colonies).

It was a simple dish with sautéed meat that her mother had taught her to make. She’d cook it up for lunch for her brothers and herself, and there’d be leftovers for dinner.”

Here is her recipe.

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