Ivanka Trump Served a Filipino Birthday Tradition at Daughter’s Party

Gift boxHot dogs and marshmallow skewers, a popular tradition at children’s birthday parties in the Philippines, was a featured dish at the birthday party recently held for Ivanka Trump’s daughter Arabella. (She turned six.)

Twitter lit up with debate about the #mallowdogs. HuffPost devoted a column to speculation about them, including this expert analysis:

“Natalia Roxas, co-founder of Filipino Kitchen, spoke with Delish about the tradition, which apparently began with the American occupation in the Philippines.

She explained hot dogs there are typically much redder than the ones Trump served and are made of pork. She added that the dish is also generally served alongside spaghetti (which Roxas said is made with hotdogs, banana ketchup and ground pork) and fried chicken. Typically, the skewers are served sticking out of a pineapple or cabbage.”

“It tastes like a party….I have fond memories eating this. Our marshmallow is made sweeter, so it gives you a salty-sweet dynamic. But especially when the hotdog is fresh off the pan or grill, the marshmallow has a slight melt on it, and you get a gooey bite with your hotdog.”

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