Six Great Filipino Restaurants in Toronto

Nathan Phillips Square and City Hall on TorontoMore than 700,000 people of Filipino descent live in Canada. About half of them live in Toronto, home to a number of excellent Filipino restaurants. has highlighted six standouts, including one specializing in traditional kamayan feasts, another offering homestyle Filipino cuisine and one known for its fusion fare combining traditional and contemporary.

“Lucky for us, Toronto boasts Canada’s largest Filipino community, which means there are plenty of places to enjoy the bold and beautiful flavours of the Philippines,” reports Vivian Rashotte.

“Distinguished by its many cultural influences — including Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Indian and American — Filipino food is a mouthwatering fusion of flavours. Add that to Toronto’s rich culinary landscape and you get a wide selection of authentic, unique and versatile dishes that are sure to please almost anyone.

Whether you grew up on the food or you’re trying it for the first time, these six Filipino restaurants won’t disappoint.”

Learn about them here: Best Filipino Restaurants in Toronto

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