Is Filipino Food “Trendifying”?

Food - Deep Fried Marianted Milkfish (Bangus)Khushbu Shah, a senior food features editor at Thrillist, has written a thought-provoking article about the “trendifying” of Filipino cuisine.

“While Filipino food may very well become as accessible as Mexican and Chinese food one day, ” she said, “for now, it’s just the latest “ethnic” (a term that NYU food studies professor Krishnendu Ray said tends to signify something as “non-white”) cuisine to be declared a trend. And that’s a problem.”

She provides many reasons why it is, but this is our favorite:

“…Filipino food, for example, is the main source of sustenance for more than 100 million people around the world today and has been eaten for centuries, even in the United States. (There is a long history of Filipino immigration to America, dating as far back as the late 18th century.) Notable Filipino restaurants have been in the country for decades.”

Concerned? Read her article in full here: THE PROBLEM WITH CALLING AN ‘ETHNIC’ CUISINE A TREND.

Pictured: Deep fried marinated bangus (milkfish).

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