Secrets to Great Lechon, the Filipino National Dish

Famous Philippines food - LechonAccording to Bernice Chan, a senior writer for South China Morning Post, “While Jollibee fried chicken is probably the most famous export, many would consider the country’s national dish to be lechon, or roast stuffed pig, which has crunchy skin and meat that is tender and flavoured from the stuffing.”

She interviewed several Filipino chefs about the secrets to cooking lechon at the third annual Madrid Fusion Manila fair earlier this year. One recommends using a piglet that’s about three months old to ensure the meat is very tender. Another observed that seasoning techniques vary by region, with lemongrass and pili nuts favored in Cebu, while in Bicol, green chilies and infusions of with coconut oil and milk are common. A standout chef draws from 20 different types of stuffings for hers, including truffle rice, Spanish-style chorizo and crab fat paella, and sticky rice with chestnuts, salted eggs, peanuts, Chinese sausage and pork cubes.

Read Bernice Chan’s article here: The secrets to great lechon – whole roasted suckling pig that’s virtually a Filipino national dish. And understand why Filipino cuisine is making worldwide headlines daily.


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