Top Filipino Restaurants in the U.S.


The Splendid Table, a popular radio program produced by American Public Media, explores everything about food. We are happy that Filipino cuisine has been featured on many of their shows.

The most recent is this interview, “Guide to eating Filipino food in the U.S.”, conducted by host Francis Lam with Joanne Boston. As the Vice President of the nonprofit group, Filipino Food Movement, she is an expert on the topic.

Our favorite takeaways include her current top picks for Filipino cuisine in the U.S.:

San Francisco

Buffalo Theory

FOB Kitchen


Alchemy Pop-Up


Manila Bowl

SF Bay Area:

Patio Filipino


Fort McKinley

Hapag Filipino

New York:

Purple Yam


Ugly Kitchen

St. Louis:

Guerrilla Street Food

Skip to Malou

Washington DC:

Purple Patch

Bad Saint


Oriental Mart

Hood Famous Bakeshop

Lahi Pop-Up

Food & Sh*t Pop-Up

Los Angeles and surrounding areas




Pictured: Kare-kare, a Philippine stew complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce.

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