Help for Your Filipino Food Cravings

Chef in the kitchen.You know the feeling. You crave it. You can’t stop thinking about it. But you don’t have any local source for Filipino food…or Filipino groceries. (No banana sauce. No batchoy. No bihon. No Ginisa seasoning. No prawn crackers. No salted Philippine herring. No pancit. No skyflakes. No Ube cake. We sympathize!)

We completely understand.

We at FilStop offer more than just Filipino food. We offer the comfort of home. We hear every day from our customers how much it means to be able to find the Filipino food they remember from their childhood in the Philippines. We also hear from newcomers to Filipino food who want to learn how to cook it at home, but can’t locate the ingredients they need locally.

If you are homesick or just want a trusted source for your Filipino food cravings, visit us. We stock 10,000 Filipino items and can help you find what you need…and then ship it as quickly as possible, wherever you are.

We love hearing from our happy customers about how something as simple as a grocery item can bring their family and friends together – whether for an everyday meal or for a special celebration. Please visit us at Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Check out our Instagram and Pinterest, too. We’d love to share your favorite Filipino food pictures as well as your recipes!



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