A Filipino Brings Pinoy Food to Qatar

Qatar on a mapQatar is located in Western Asia next to Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. So why did entrepreneur Dahlia Agbanlog open a Filipino restaurant there?

Around 260,000 Filipinos live in Qatar. They are employed as engineers, domestic helpers, health workers or in the travel industry. In fact, Filipinos are estimated to be the fourth-largest group of foreign workers there.

“Having lived in Doha since 2001, Agbanlog knew that in a foreign country where you are far away from everything that is familiar, the taste of a Filipino dish would satisfy your longing for home,” reports Ana P. Santos in Rappler. “Culturally, food is so important to the Filipino way of life. Eating is not just about satiating hunger; it’s about community gathering.”

“Agbanlog started with 3 employees: her brother was the chef, her father was the cashier, and another relative was the dishwasher. On the first day they opened, snaking lines formed from the cashier and spilled over into the streets. The restaurant was an instant hit.”

Planning a trip there? Or just want to know more about what Agbanlog is doing to ensure the Filipino population far from home has enough to eat? Read the article: Filipino entrepreneur brings a taste of Pinoy food to Qatar.

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