YouTuber Tastes FilStop’s Filipino Snacks…and Attracts a Big Audience

Layne MichelleYouTuber Layne Fable, shown here, devoted two recent programs to FilStop. The first one, Buying Filipino Snacks at Filstop, is about her experience buying Filipino food products online from us. (It attracted over 8,000 views. That’s how popular Filipino food is…and how entertaining Layne is!)

A week after placing her order, she filmed this video, “Filipino Taste Test. It shows Layne and her dad, Mark, tasting all of the FilStop products she ordered…with a nice red wine. Whether it is their rave review of the Regent Ube cake (a light, delectable sponge cake with Ube center) or the red wine, we aren’t sure, but that videos has 10,000 views and counting.

Layne has over 17,000 subscribers to her entertaining YouTube channel. We can see why. Thank you, Layne!

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