Halo-Halo Islands

As the hot weather in the Philippines stubbornly remain constant all year round, Filipinos are always cooling themselves down with all sorts of cold drinks, desserts and snacks. But there’s one Filipino dessert signature that tops it all. Halo-Halo (meaning – mixing of various things) is a dessert that certainly cools you down. Not only does it refresh but it is strikingly delicious!

When the afternoon sun strikes, one can’t help but think about getting Halo-Halo at their favorite dessert place. This dessert is easy to make as well. The ingredients are simple. Fill a bowl with crushed ice, pour evaporated milk or regular milk in it, and top it with red beans, nata de coco (coconut jelly), banana slices (saba), jack fruit (langka) slices, macapuno (preserved young coconut meat) strips, kaong (palm nuts), ube paste (purple Yam), rice crispies, corn flakes or pinipig crunch, and sago. The last step is to top it off with ube ice cream (purple yam ice cream). Mix it all up (add sugar if desired) and there you have it – a cold icy bowl of creamy ube flavored goodies!

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Ingredients are available at Filstop.com

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