The MILO Influence

Timeline of MILO influence in the Philippines:

1964 – Milo set its foot in the Philippines. It was introduced as a tonic food drink with a distinct choco malt taste. It became a vital part of Filipino household nutrition ever since.

1974 – MILO marathon was launched after a successful partnership with sports prior to that year. It had 747 runners for a single race. That was the beginning of what we see now year-round and nationwide – the multi-race event participated by 200,000 Filipinos.

1983 – MILO summer sports clinic was created to help school children make their summer vacation a time to learn the importance of sports.

1988 – MILO Little Olympics was created to encourage students to participate in sports manifesting winning energy. Since then, the country has seen great skills and hearts from elementary through high school age year after year.

2012 – MILO R2 3-in-1 powdered chocolate drink for adults was developed. It was specially made to re-fuel and re-energize grown ups.

2015 New Milo with ACTIV-GO that contained PROTOMALT (a mixture of different types of carbohydrates that provide energy and nutrients which the body needs) was developed.

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