Whale Shark – A Friendly Creature


The Philippines is visited by numerous international group of people these days. Besides the good food that it offers, the attractions have multiplied exponentially over the years. As a country that is composed of approximately 7,000 islands, you can just imagine how vast and countless the activities, natural sights and attractions must be.

One of the most unique activities that one can enjoy is found in the central part of the country. In a place called Oslob, in the Island of Cebu, lies an abode for whale sharks. People visit the place as early as 6:00 in the morning just to watch these beautiful huge whale sharks. Guests take a small native row boat (seats approximately 10-12 people) from the shore and go about 800 meters out to the sea. Not only are they for watching, but also, visitors can swim alongside with them. This 30-minute experience makes the trip worthwhile and memorable.

The next time you visit the Philippines, put this on top of your list and make it part of your amazing Philippine experience.

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