Best Mangoes Ever

In a place called Guimaras, are plantations of mango trees that takes first prize for producing the world’s best mangoes. It is said that these Guimaras mangoes are served at the White House and the Buckingham Palace.

Mangoes are taken seriously by the locals there that they don’t allow any other fruits to be brought in. Most of the inhabitants there are involved in the mango trade.

Historically, it is reported that in the year 1581, Spanish missionaries settled in Guimaras in an attempt to convert the natives to Christianity. One of the monasteries, The Trappist Monestary (still stands on the island), established in the 1970’s, was active and involved in mango processing such as churning out jams, jellies, dried mango strips and pastes.

Annually, a Manggahan Festival is observed celebrating the mango in which activities like mango cooking competitions, fun run, parties, dressing up as mangoes and dancing and even an all you can eat mango competitions are held.

Imagine being surrounded by these sweet, succulent, soft, moist and juicy mangoes. It is a fruit that Filipinos love dearly and are proud of.

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