Banana Cue

Banana Cue: A Favorite Street Food

Banana cue, one of the most popular snacks and a street food favorite. In another blog post, we talked about how the Philippines is so rich in bananas that we seriously have a different kind of banana for every meal. Well, maybe not for EVERY meal, but you get the point.

Growing up in elementary years, one of the most popular snacks was banana cue. It was basically a peeled banana covered with caramelized sugar.

We might put the recipe on another post but it simply means this is a sweet and addicting street food. However, after a couple of decades on this planet, you may have noticed that nothing much has really changed when it comes to the banana cue.

For years and years, we see people who sell banana cue everyday (the softest bananas are probably the most wanted by Filipinos because of the way they basically“melt” in your mouth).

It’s amazing how consistent the flavor is and how the products run out in only a few minutes time. A testament to the awesomeness of banana cue.

If you haven’t tried this freakishly delicious delicacy, you’ll be missing out on one of the best snacks the Philippines has to offer.

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