Pinoy Hotcake

Filipino Hotcake

Philippines is a hotbed of unique and exotic cuisine. From the world-famous adobo to the equally-popular banana cue, you won’t run out of flavors to try your tastebuds on. Well, here’s a simple street food that maybe you’ve never heard before if you didn’t attend any of the schools in the Philippines—the hotcake.

As you probably know, it’s not exaggeration to say that Filipinos love to eat. Here’s a normal daily schedule-early morning bread paired with coffee or Milo at 6am, breakfast at 7am, snacks at 10am, lunch at 12pm, snacks (again) at 3pm, dinner at 6pm, and one last (maybe) snack at 8pm. As I said, loves to eat.

The hotcake is the Philippines version of pancake—only more delicious. They are very popular around elementary and high schools around the country, especially in the countrysides and provinces. They can still be found in the big cities, although you’d have to really look for them. They are priced from 2 to 5 pesos in the school areas so the kids can afford them. And boy, do the kids love them.

The hotcake is a great 3pm snack, and pair it with buko or any local juice and you get the perfect afternoon food break. No secret recipe, no mysterious additives, and absolutely no expensive ingredients involved. It’s very easy to make at home but that’s not as fun as standing in line waiting patiently for your turn to taste this fantastic delicacy. Children of all ages know the taste of one of the all-time favorite Filipino snacks. You should, too.

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