Filipino Comfort Food to Make You Feel Warm this Winter

How do you like waking up on a Saturday morning to see the temperature drop to 37 degrees? Not a lot of people enjoy this season because of the melancholic mood it brings. But still, there’s pleasure in curling up in your soft, fuzzy blanket with a warm cup of hot chocolate on the one hand, and your favorite book on the other.

If you love staying in on a cold day, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. You can binge watch your favorite TV series, go to a spa, have a party with your friends, or cook your all-time favorite, Filipino comfort food.

We’re pretty sure you’ll choose the last option. Who can say no to a piping hot bowl of the following soups?

Arroz Caldo

Even though its name is Spanish, this Filipino staple actually originated from China. Arroz Caldo meaning “rice broth,” famously known as lugaw, is a rice porridge dish made better with chicken and other seasonings.

Some households even put cubes of betamax on their lugaw. In case you’re not familiar, betamax isn’t a videotape from the 90s. It’s what we call grilled chicken or pork blood shaped in squares or rectangles that look like said videotapes. 

Level up your congee by dropping a hard-boiled egg in each serving, and have a saucer filled with tokwa’t baboy ready on the side. Toyomansi or soy sauce with calamansi would be a perfect condiment for this.


We also don’t know why Sopas is called Sopas. It literally means soup. But for some reason, out of all the Filipino dishes that has soup, the only food that comes to mind whenever anyone says Sopas is this macaroni soup with chicken (can also be other types of meat) and chopped vegetables. It will also taste a whole lot better if it had quail eggs and evaporated milk (the more, the creamier!).


To the chocolate lovers out there, this one’s for you! Imagine rice porridge, but chocolatey—that’s champorado. Satisfy your craving by cooking sticky rice with cocoa powder or tablea, and sugar. After transferring the sweet treat to a bowl, pour as much milk as you want.  Be careful when you try it with its famous pair, tuyo or dried fish. It’s highly addicting!


If you’re a previous Metro Manila dweller, there’s a huge chance you’ve already visited Tagaytay in hopes of colder weather, ideal for a delightful bowl of their well-known bulalo. It’s basically a beef stew with the shanks and bone marrow taking the spotlight. The delectable taste as you sip through the marrow is the reason why folks are willing to travel far no matter what time of the day.

How about you? What’s your favorite Filipino soup that warms not only your tummy but also your heart during winter? No need to scour your area for the ingredients if you want to try these dishes at home. All you need to do is order online on our website, and we’ll deliver everything you need right away.

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