How to Show Love To Your OFW Spouse This Valentine’s

How to Show Love To Your OFW Spouse This Valentine’s

If there’s one topic that all Filipinos can talk about for days, it’s love. So much of our culture revolves around our collective idea of love—that a Filipino individual will do anything for the love of their family. It’s the reason why so many of us try our lucks abroad despite the challenges that come with the OFW life.

If you think about it, it’s kind of ironic to go out of the country and work thousands of miles away from your family because you love them. In fact, when you love a person, all you want is to be with them all the time, right?

But we have to face the hard truth, being an employee in the Philippines makes it’s difficult to earn enough for your family to live comfortably. Will a minimum wage salary of a little more than P10,000 be able to send your kid to a good school, pay off your bills and rent, and put enough money on the table? No, it can’t. That amount is not even enough for a single person to live at ease for an entire month.

Can you imagine how much more difficult it is for our fellow citizens who live in urbanized barangays in the provinces where the minimum wage is much lower, but the price of commodities is almost the same?

The only option for our heroic kababayans is to brave the odds in a foreign country where they have to overcome language and cultural barriers just so their working environment can be a little more comfortable. The OFWs go to their day-to-day tasks with a smile on their face as they do the most difficult jobs, all the while feeling homesick.

And you know what? The greatest show of love is in the amount of sacrifice you’re willing to do to make a person happy. In a common OFW’s case, even if it means that you have to spend years apart.

So now that Valentine’s Day is coming, if you have an OFW spouse, why not make them feel special this holiday by doing the following ideas:

Date night

Did you use to go to the movie theatre and watch a cheesy, rom-com every Valentine’s? You can still do that even if you’re far apart. We’re not telling you to video call inside a movie theatre, that’s illegal. What you can do is watch on Netflix simultaneously while on call. That way, you can hear your partner’s reaction as if you’re sitting beside each other. You can even eat dinner together afterward.

Care package

If you know that your partner wants things that are not readily accessible to where they are at the moment, then gather those items and send them in a box. If international shipping is too expensive, find shops within their area that delivers what they want.

For example, if your husband or wife is craving for their favorite authentic Filipino dish, but ingredients are either hard to find or too marked-up in their vicinity. You can send them a care package comprised of Filipino food without spending so much. Visit our website, choose which items to purchase, pay for it, and wait for our updates regarding the arrival of the delivery. It’s easy, right? We’ll even send your package for free if you bought more than $65.

Love letter

Now that we are all sending a message through a device, whether it’s through a text message or an app, the rawness found in love letters isn’t typical anymore. So for those who don’t have a budget, you can go back to the old ways and go for a handwritten love letter. It’s cheap, romantic, and easy to do. Grab a pen and paper, and don’t hold back as you pour your heart out within every line.

You can choose to send your letter via the post office, but it would also be nice if you collect all your notes and put them in a box for safekeeping. Wait for your partner to come home, and show them the heartfelt messages you compiled all throughout the time you’ve spent waiting.

Surprise visit

The last one on the list is the most expensive to pull off, but it’s the most rewarding. If you have saved up for a plane ticket, why not surprise your sweetheart with your presence? You can personally hand the examples above (care package and letter) and go to date afterward. You can stay for a few days or a week, it depends on you. The only difficult thing about this option—you will have to part ways again and wait ‘til one of you saves up for another trip.

Whether you spend a fortune or none at all this Valentine’s Day, all that’s important is to make your loved one feel special. They deserve all the love and support you can give them.

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