Going Healthy with Vegan Filipino Food

photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/volvob12b/16830189588

Almost two months have already passed since the start of the New Year. Did you put leading a healthier life at the top of your resolutions? If yes, were you able to stick with the positive changes you’ve started, or did you only do it for the first month?

Making a conscious choice to eat only what’s good for you is not easy, which is why most people fall to the temptation of junk food. Still, you should try your best to stay fit so that you’re still strong when the time comes that you would want to play with your great grandchildren.

Don’t worry if you already cheated on your diet a few times, we will help you get back on track. The thing about diet is that most people fail because they’re restricting themselves from one of the simplest pleasures in life—eating good food. And when you feel deprived for doing something that you thoroughly enjoy, the chances of failing increases.

You see, a good diet isn’t about restriction, but about eating the right portions of healthy food. There are many types of diet that are getting more and more famous recently. The one that’s probably gaining a lot of buzz is Veganism. In this diet you are not allowed to consume anything that is an animal by-product. Unlike vegetarians who are allowed to eat eggs or honey, vegans commit to a plant-based diet.

For vegans, it isn’t just about the diet. Their eco-friendly lifestyle seeks to rid the world of animal exploitation. Their diet might sound really restrictive, especially if you’re someone who loves meat or even cheese. But since it’s already 2019, they now have an alternative for all of those. And if you’re looking to recreate your favorite Filipino dishes into a vegan version, here are some of the dishes you might want to try:

Eggplant Adobo

Instead of saying goodbye to the all-time Filipino favorite, Chicken Adobo, you can now say hello to its vegan sister, the Eggplant Adobo. A sumptuous dish that is so affordable, you can even cook a large portion for all your Filipino relatives and it still wouldn’t dent in your budget.

Vegetable Lumpiang Shanghai

Are you even a Filipino if you haven’t had Lumpiang Shanghai in your household? The name sounds really Chinese, and in fact it originated from there. But just like your American best friend who your parents treat as an adopted child, we love Lumpiang Shanghai and have made it our own.

Vegan Filipino Spaghetti

If it doesn’t sound ridiculous, we would probably believe that without spaghetti, you wouldn’t be allowed to celebrate a birthday. It seems like a requirement for Filipino children’s party to serve it no matter how messy kids are at eating it. And as we grow older, we have also grown to love the unique sweet taste inherent only to Filipino spaghetti. Good thing there’s now a vegan-friendly option.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland. You can still enjoy a wide variety of taste even when you go vegan. If you need Filipino ingredients to make your dishes authentic, don’t forget to visit our website for a hassle-free shopping!

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