Movie Review: Four Sisters and a Wedding

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Movie Review: Four Sisters and a Wedding

One of the most popular movies among millennials nowadays is the masterpiece by the highly-acclaimed director Cathy Garcia-Molina. Four Sisters and a Wedding is the perfect mixture of drama and comedy that would take you into a roller coaster of emotions.

Before I watched it for the first time, I checked out the movie poster only to see that it looks like a Filipino comedy movie that is too corny for my taste. Maybe, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, also means you shouldn’t judge a film by its poster, because in all honesty, this film is so much more than what I thought. Aside from the A+ script, the actors are the best of the best, and it’s as if their roles are tailored for them. This is one of the few movies that made me bawl my eyes out, not just once, but every single time I watch it.

The story revolves around the Salazar children who reunite at the instruction of their mother (Connie Reyes) for the wedding preparations of their youngest sibling. The eldest, Teddie (Toni Gonzaga) works as a waitress and housekeeper in Spain, despite her education degree that she finished with honor. If you are the eldest child in a Filipino family, you would understand why she has a dominant character.

Second is Bobbie (Bea Alonzo), the underrated, over-achiever sibling, who works as a corporate communications manager in Manhattan. She has a good-looking boyfriend with a daughter who hates her. Eloquent, rich, smart, and cold—you’ll think that’s all she is if you don’t know her better.

Third, Alex (Angel Locsin) considers herself the most incompetent among all five of them. In fairness, she graduated from the University of the Philippines like her siblings, but unlike them, she didn’t accomplish many things. Her love for creating films led her to work as an assistant director despite the lack of stability her job offers.

The fourth daughter is Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao). When her sisters moved out to pursue their careers, she was left to be in charge of the household while she takes care of her mother and brother. She is a high school teacher who couldn’t prioritize her work and doesn’t even need a love life, because for her all that matters is her family.

Youngest among the five, Reb-reb is an answered prayer to her sisters. They wished to have a baby brother during the times their parents were having a rough time in their relationship. I’m not saying that a child is a solution for failing relationships, but in this case, that’s how the story went. His sisters treat him like their baby brother even though he’s already old enough to make his own decisions.

What I love most about the film is how relatable it is. Even when you don’t have that many siblings, the problems tackled in the movie are pretty common in a Filipino family. The expectations of your parents, the struggles of getting married, the war-like arguments between siblings, and the complicated love life—it’s all in there.

The film is so iconic, it easily became a modern classic. Everyone has been quoting it for years now. With its recent addition to Netflix’ lineup, the hype has gotten much stronger. It’s the kind of film that has such an impactful script, everyone finds it easy to memorize each line. If you go to Twitter, you’ll see various memes and jokes regarding the movie’s most quotable quotes. Star Cinema even compiled the funniest tweets (warning: the link contains spoilers). To give you a glimpse, here’s my favorite GIF from the movie:

What are you waiting for? It doesn’t matter if you want to watch it on TFC or on Netflix, whichever you choose, I suggest you watch it now. And tell us which sibling do you resonate with the most.

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