Product Review: Comparing Our Best-Selling Filipino Snacks

Best-Selling Filipino Snacks

At FilStop, the leading Filipino online grocery in the US, we receive lots of orders every day for chips. Let us introduce you to the crowd favorites and know why everyone can’t get enough of them.



Calories: 140

Known for its thin crispy ridges, you can distinctly notice the oats on each chip’s surface.  Out of all four, Nova is my favorite. It has two flavors: Country Cheddar and Home-Style Barbecue; however the former is the more famous.

It boasts a zero gram trans fat label in front, and at the back, it says you can finally snack without the guilt. As a multigrain snack, it is made with a mix of four grains: corn, rice, wheat, and oats. True to its claim, it actually tastes the least artificial among the four. Its cheddar taste is just right, not too salty and not as fake as the cheese flavor you taste in cheese ring.

REGENT Cheese Ring

Cheese ring

Calories: 160

I’m not a health buff, but even I get a bit afraid with the neon orange color Cheese Ring has. But probably, it’s only now that I’m an adult and a bit more health conscious. Don’t let its color hinder you from enjoying its surprisingly yummy taste.

I still remember being a five-year-old kid who loves this snack so much, I’d wear three cheese rings on each finger and eat them one by one. It has a flavor that will remind you of the cheese powder vendors used to put on the corn they sell on the streets.

It doesn’t have the real taste of cheese, but still, it’s so good because it gets sweeter as you bite into its crunchy foam texture. Its packaging is easily identifiable because of the robot girl with a pose we all used to imitate.



Calories: 170

I remember not liking this snack when I was younger because of the barbecue flavor. I love the chili cheese flavor in blue packaging or the garlic vinegar in green, better. Much like Nova, it’s thin and crispy. But instead of having ridges, this one curls a bit at the end, like the tail of a ribbon. Because it’s a barbecue corn chip, you can expect a salty taste that would go perfect with beer. The funny comic strip at the back of its packaging can even be a good conversation starter. It also has a “Sangkap Pinoy” label from the Department of Health due to its fortified iron.


Sweet Corn

Calories: 150

From the same company behind Cheese Rings, you can expect the crunchy foam texture to be the same. So be careful with this type of snack, it will lose its crunchiness when left in the open for long. Make sure you finish it right away. 

Sweet Corn is comprised of little balls that are filled with so much flavor. Just like the name suggests, it’s like biting into sweet corn. Biting into each ball smothered in the candy tasting powder is such a treat. This is comfort food for someone like me who loves anything with corn.

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