World Famous Filipinos to Admire

World Famous Filipino Celebrities to Admire

We all know that Filipino talent is world-class. Whatever field or industry it is, there’s always someone with roots from the Philippines to make us proud. Here are some of the well-known figures who are not ashamed to flaunt their Filipino heritage:

1. Batista

Everyone is getting hyped with the upcoming showing of Avengers: End Game. And one of the notable characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Drax, played by half-Filipino actor David Michael Bautista Jr. also known as Batista. Unbeknownst to the younger generation, his claim to fame isn’t his acting stint on the movie franchise. Every 90s kid knows him originally from his wrestling career in WWE.

2. Shay Mitchell

If you don’t know her from the TV series, Pretty Little Liars, then you probably watched her from the hit series on Netflix entitled You.  Mitchell, who is born in Canada, has a Filipina mother from Pampanga and a Scottish-Irish father. With her effective acting skills, there’s no saying how far this girl will go.

3. H.E.R.

At the young age of 21, singer/songwriter Gabriella “Gabi” Wilson, whose screen name is H.E.R. is already a Grammy Award winner.  She was raised in America by her Filipino mother and an African-American father. She rose to fame after being a part of Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing. It led to her signing a contract with RCA Records at only 14 years old. In an interview with James Corden, she said: “I’m half Filipino, and Filipinos love karaoke.” With that statement, we can conclude that she’s definitely a Filipino.

4. Darren Criss

To the Cebuanos out there, this talented actor, singer, and songwriter is one of you. At ten years old, he’s already a theater actor. But what put him into everyone’s radar is his role on the long-running TV series, Glee. He is the first Fil-Am to bag the Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series Award at the Golden Globes and an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series at the Emmy. At his acceptance speech, he dedicated his award to his mom, saying that she’s a firecracker Filipino woman from Cebu who dreamed of coming to the US.

5. Nico Santos

You will recognize Santos from the series Superstore and the movie Crazy Rich Asians.  Born in Manila, his family immigrated here in the States when he was sixteen. As a part of the LGBT community, he’s proud to play a gay Filipino role at Superstore because both are underrepresented in Hollywood.

6.  Bretman Rock

One of the beauty vloggers with most followers on YouTube, Bretman Rock is an epitome of a devoted son. He was able to build his following to a whopping five million with his hard work and humor. He often features his family, particularly his mother, sister, and niece, when shooting a video, even fluently speaking Ilocano.

7.  Jo Koy

Fil-Am stand-up comedian, Joseph Glenn Herbert, is known for his funny stories about his Filipino mom that we can all relate to.  In a job where it takes wit and dedication to succeed, Jo Koy has already made it considering that he’s now touring across the country. If you’re having a bad day, watching his videos would lift your mood for sure.

8.  Dante Basco

If you haven’t watched Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, then start watching it today. There are so many lessons to learn from the show. Everyone’s favorite fire prince, Zuko’s voice actor is none other than Dante Basco. He’s seen on several films and TV shows, and he even voice acted for many video games.  One look at him and you can’t deny that he’s a Filipino.

9.  Charlyne Yi

Another voice actor on the list is Charlyne Yi who plays Ruby from Steven Universe and Chloe from We Bare Bears, both from Cartoon Network. Aside from that, she was a regular at the eighth season of medical TV series House. She also wrote the screenplay for the film Paper Heart. This talented woman’s mother is of Spanish and Filipino descents.

10. Whilce Portacio

A hero to aspiring Filipino comic artists, Whilce Portacio is world-renowned comic artist and writer whose works include The Punisher, Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, and Spawn. He originated in Cavite before his family went to the US. After leaving Marvel, he helped six other elite artists in founding the publishing house, Image Comics. Not forgetting to look back to his roots, he continues to scout for Filipino talents. One of them is Leinil Francis Yu who designed and co-created Wave, the Filipina Marvel superhero.

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