Different Kinds of Rice

If you grew up in a Filipino family, you’ll know that no meal is complete without rice. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we love eating rice with our favorite dishes. The thing is, there are many kinds of rice, and if you have no idea which one to choose, then this article is for you.

Jasmine Rice

This long-grain type of rice which is common in the neighboring countries of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam is called Jasmine because of how it smells. Once it’s cooked, you’ll get a waft of its delightful fragrance. As you bite into it, you’ll notice its soft texture and slightly sweet taste. Always have a stock of this staple at home.

Brown Rice

For the health-conscious, brown rice is a great option. As a whole grain, this type has more fiber compared to the others. Thus, it promotes better digestion and lowers your cholesterol level. With a low glycemic index (GI) of 55, it is a better choice for people with high blood sugar compared to white rice that has a GI of 64. The process of cooking it is no different, however it takes longer time due to its outer bran layer.

Sweet Rice (Glutinous Rice)

Palitaw, ginataang bilo-bilo, and suman, are only some of the best Filipino food that requires the use of glutinous rice. Despite its name, this variety of rice doesn’t contain gluten. So if you have celiac disease or for some reasons you’re avoiding gluten, then this is safe to eat. What makes sweet rice different is how sticky and chewy it becomes after cooking. It’s also short-grained, so even though Jasmine rice has a glutinous variety, they still have a difference in texture.


Preparation for each one is different so make sure that you adjust water level depending on the type of rice. It’s also best to soak sweet rice before steaming.

And if you want to do it the way your mom did, learn the finger method when measuring the water. Follow these simple steps:

1. Put your desired amount of rice in the pot.

2. Level the surface and place the tip of your index finger at the top.

3. Add water until it reaches the first line of your finger.

Or you can also do this:

1. Put your desired amount of rice in the pot.

2. Level the surface and place your hand, palm down.

3. Add water until it covers your knuckles.

Let us know which way worked best for you! If you’re looking for rice, we can have the high quality sacks delivered at your doorstep. Check out our website!

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